Environmental Assistance

Sector specialists at your service

Experience, training and punctuality are the cornerstones of our Environmental Department. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and to the constant  updates through courses, web services and trade associations, we are able to fulfil the customer’s needs.

Our team deals with:

  • Regulatory support to customers;
  • Support in managing the loading and unloading registers, including their supply and endorsement;
  • Annual filling of the Environmental Declaration Form;
  • Reports issued by a specific IT management system for the waste sector;
  • Support in case of audits by the competent authorities.

Regulatory support

The environmental legislation is constantly evolving; therefore it is essential to rely on experts in this sector in order to follow the right path and to avoid the risk of incurring in heavy administrative and/or criminal penalties. This service aims not only at providing all tools, information, and know-how for correctly managing waste, but also at leading companies, professionals, and authorities in the field of environmental sustainability. Logistica Ambientale verifies the obligation to keep the loading and unloading register and to fill in the Environmental Declaration Form after having assessed the customer’s certificate of incorporation.

Supply, Endorsement and Assistance for the loading and unloading registers

The waste loading and unloading register is the official document where all loading and unloading of waste produced by companies subject to such obligation must be recorded. The register scheme currently in force is envisaged by the Environment Ministerial Decree of 1 April 1998 n. 148 and by the Legislative Decree 152/2006 on waste loading and unloading registers. Furthermore, the  Legislative Decree 116/2020, report the reduction from five to three years of the obligation for companies to keep loading and unloading registers and forms. It should also be noted that the validation of the waste loading and unloading registers must be carried out by the territorially competent Chamber of Commerce. The waste identification form, on the other hand, may be endorsed either at the Chamber of Commerce or at the Agenzia delle Entrate

Our team of experts can also  provide support to the customers in these procedures.

Annual filling of the Environmental Declaration Form

Logistica Ambientale can fill in the Environmental Declaration Form for its customers/suppliers, which has to be submitted every year as provided for by a specific decree.

Support in case of audit by the competent authorities

The competent Authorities, i.e. control bodies that carry out specific audits related to judicial investigations or to programs for crime repression, can issue reports of non-compliance. We provide for preventive support for the correct filling in of the environmental aforementioned documents.

All this while awaiting for the entry into force of RENTRi (National Electronic Register for Waste Traceability), the new electronic register thanks to which all waste traceability documents will definitively be in digital format. This new national electronic register will be organized and managed directly by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and will include the digital management of loading and unloading registers, of the waste identification forms and consequently of the Environmental Declaration Form. This new system will guarantee the constant and real-time transmission to the supervisory bodies of all data relating to waste management by the users.

The RENTRi prototype is currently active and Logistica Ambientale is testing its features.

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