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Logistica Ambientale is the company of the Porcarelli Group specialized in the management of waste at public and private Companies and Businesses, but also of private citizens, from the phase of their production until the delivery to the destination plants.

For those who, like us, work and take care of the environment, it is essential to always have the latest generation vehicles and Smart equipment, suitable for reducing environmental impacts. That’s why we invest and we are committed to adopting new methods that can optimize the collection and storage, reduce the number of transports and thus reduce CO2 emissions as well as represent an economic saving for our customers. risparmio economico per i nostri Clienti.

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Logistica Ambientale

Logistica Ambientale S.r.l. operates with its own equipment in the centre of Italy, but thanks to the national network of partners (who are screened before being qualified as such) it can guarantee the same quality standards in every part of Italy. Enrolled in the National Register of Environmental Managers for categories 1 – 4 – 5 – 8 – 9 – 10 it is authorized to transport any type of waste, as well as to manage collection centers and the remediation of contaminated sites.

Logistica Ambientale, as well as having the above mentioned certifications, is also certified EMAS. It has also obtained the silver medal from the Ecovadis evaluation system.

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Thanks to the synergy with the other platforms of the Group for recovery and treatment, this company offers its customers a further guarantee in the continuity of services. Thanks to its highly qualified and specialized staff and its experience in technical, legal and administrative fields in the environmental field, Logistica Ambientale is able to satisfy all the needs and requirements of its clients, with the ambition of providing an excellent service.

The Group also has an authorised workshop for the management of its vehicles and equipment.


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