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Asbestos is a natural and fibrous material, consisting of natural mineral fibres belonging to the silicates and mineralogical series of serpentine and amphiboles. The first uses of asbestos date back to the 18th century and, over time, it has been used in various fields: paper, chemical, transport and cosmetics industries.

With Law No. 257 of 12 March 1992, Italy banned asbestos, given the extremely dangerous nature of the material and, only two years later, in 1994, the Minister of Health issued the “Rules on the cessation of asbestos use” with D.M. 06.09.1994.

Asbestos, friable or non-friable, is subject to remediation by removal, encapsulation or confinement.

How does the Porcarelli Group intervene for the management of asbestos

In order to assess which type of intervention is most appropriate to perform in the presence of asbestos, a first visual inspection of the asbestos product, its location and the state of conservation of the material is carried out. In this way it is also possible to identify potential risk factors involving both the surrounding environment and people exposed to a possible risk of inhaling asbestiform fibres.

We take care of the removal of:

  • Roofing plates and panels;
  • Cladding outer;
  • Container, expansion vessel and water tanks;
  • Chimney, fume and ventilation columns, blowholes and terminals;
  • Pipes, drain columns and descenders.

Thanks to our team of collaborators and experts, taking care of the bureaucratic process and correspondence with the territorially competent Supervisory Body, we carry out asbestos remediation, on public and private structures.

What should be done it asbestos is suspected?

The first step should be to plan an inspection programme for the structure involved and then to sample the materials. To do this, you must contact qualified companies registered in the National Register of Environmental Managers (Albo Nazionale Gestori Ambientali) in category 10a for compact asbestos-containing material, such as our Logistica Ambientale.

The staff of the companies used for these interventions must be authorized in accordance with Article 10 of Law No. 257/92 and Article 10 of D.P.R. 8/08/1994, or be in possession of the qualifications issued by the Regions or Autonomous Provinces attesting the participation in specific courses and the passing of the final verification. These courses are:

  1. At operational level, aimed at workers involved in the removal, disposal and remediation activities;
  2. At managerial level, aimed at those who direct the removal, disposal and remediation activities on site.

Logistica Ambientale carries out the removal of asbestos through:

  • Assessment of the environment and the state of conservation of asbestos materials subject to remediation;
  • Air-environment assessment of the possible presence of asbestiform fibres in remediation sites;
  • Photographic surveys of the structures to be reclaimed;
  • Sampling and analysis of manufactured products in accredited laboratories;
  • Compilation of the summary assessment sheet;
  • Presentation of the Work Plan to the Supervisory Body territorially competent;
  • Correspondence with the Supervisory Body for any additions or clarifications;
  • Preparation of site area;
  • Encapsulation, removal and temporary storage of reclaimed asbestos;
  • Transport and delivery to authorised facilities;
  • Transmission of documentation attesting the successful reclamation.

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