Documents shredding and privacy

Your Privacy is Our Priority

Documents containing sensitive data cannot simply be sent to a pulp plant. In fact, depending on the degree of risk to which companies, individuals or public bodies are exposed in the event of disclosure of stored data, different categories of protection are defined, and they require increasing confidentiality.

Therefore, for  sensitive documents, a provider specialized in certified document shredding is needed.

Logistica Ambientale Srl, thanks to the technical support of duly authorized processing/disposal plants, can provide its customers with the shredding/destruction of the aforementioned documentation, namely:

  • Ordinary pulping: for coarse shredding;
  • Reserved shredding: carried out with a 5 cm diameter grid.

Who is the document shredding service for?

This service is for:

  • Private companies willing to protect the business privacy;
  • Credit and financial institutions;
  • Insurance companies and agencies;
  • Public administration bodies;
  • Healthcare institutes and companies;
  • Companies investing in research.

This service can also be useful for secure shredding when the life cycle of a sensitive document is over.

In order to protect its own privacy, the customer  will have the opportunity to  follow all operations, from packaging and loading to transport, and to be present during the shredding.

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