Macro waste collection

A vehicle for every need at your disposal

Logistica Ambientale can manage waste from industrial activities, bulky waste, rubble from construction sites or packaging from supermarkets or shops, by providing container rental, transport and transfer to waste plants.

A qualified technician will carry out an audit of the site to be cleared for free and without any obligations and will then provide all information about the service needed.

The correct management of waste from macro-collection means not only to remove an object, but also to make sure that all recyclable material is sent for recovery and to dispose of those components which, due to their characteristics, cannot be re-used on the market. Recycling waste into new raw materials is one of the main ways to reduce the consumption of primary resources, an essential approach to achieve sustainability. This is also possible thanks to the Group’s plants, through the manual and mechanical selection and processing of different materials, as well as the commitment to always find new solutions to promote circular economy.

Macro waste management

To facilitate the collection and temporary storage of waste at shopping centres, construction sites, public and private structures, we provide our customers with a wide range of equipment, which can vary according to the type of waste, such as:

  • Containers from 4 CM up to 40 CM;
  • Compactors and electro-hydraulic stationary presses;
  • Waste collection through Mechanical Spider;
  • Semi-trailers with walking floor;
  • Vehicles with tail lift

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