Micro waste collection

Regulatory obligations require public and private entities to dispose of their waste

The micro-collection service provided by Logistica Ambientale provides to small and medium-sized waste manufacturers a flexible and guaranteed service on a wide range of waste: special, hazardous and urban ones, which can thus be collected even in small quantities.

The service consists in providing customers with a wide range of approved containers such as drums of various sizes, tanks, big bags, etc. Thanks to such green-equipment, even small manufacturers can well differentiate their waste which is then collected upon appointment by equipped vehicles. This solves the serious problem of waste management for small manufacturers, mainly artisans and traders, and guarantees the minimum annual collection required by law.

Micro collection for public and private bodies

Pursuant to the Legislative Decree 152/2006 and subsequent amendments, «the micro-collection of waste, i.e. the collection of waste by a single company or carrier from several manufacturers or holders carried out with the same vehicle, must be performed in the shortest technically possible time.”

Furthermore, the regulation also suggests that public and private entities should dispose of their waste, which cannot always be managed by the public service, through specialized companies in this sector.

A micro collection service based on the customer’s needs

Thanks to our free technical audit, the micro waste collection is meticulously organized to meet the customer’s needs. Furthermore, we supply:

  • Boxes for separate collection;
  • Boxes for infectious waste;
  • Boxes for toner and neon light

This helps to better manage our customers’ temporary waste storage, by respecting the environment and hygiene.

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